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Our Story

“The Greatest Wealth is Health”

Our life mantra truly lies on the belief that the most valuable things for humans to live a healthy life is the strength of mind and body. The fast growing world we reside in, however, has gradually destroyed our life balance. We started to be unable to avoid the use of chemicals and medications just to maintain a good life that we all hope for.

To give you a clear picture, oriental world inherently believes that the nature of human lives has 2 main ingredients combining together which are mind and body. It believes that a healthy life only comes from the fact that the two ingredients harmoniously coexist with the right balance and such balance will; therefore, generate the power of life and that is why there is an old saying

That brings us to the question of why we exist…?

Quite simply, we would like to be a part of your journey in achieving that life mantra.

We, THIDA, find it essential to educate our dearly customers on the importance of maintaining the balance between mind and body by the use of natural remedies with an understanding of natural diversity in our ecosystem. It is the only way to reach an ultimate goal of something we call “happiness”.

Our THIDA products are made of an ancient wisdom, the beauty of oriental science and the advancement of modern technology to create second to none healing properties. We respect the importance of the fact that humans are a part of nature and we cannot live without it. Therefore, the universally standardised and holistic practice of plant based  healing with no chemicals involved is what we inherently swear by.

The mind is the master…

Sometimes we forget that the power of the mind is greater than we think. Everyone in THIDA team always keep that truth in our hearts believing that the good mind will finally enrich a good body. Finally, we truly believe that our dearly customers will get the essence of love that we put in every product we make and let nature take care of it all…

We use 100% finest natural ingredients and high quality herbs

Our products or ingredients are not tested on animals

THIDA Products are plant-based formulas. We heal, relax and nourish without harm.

The unique aromatic blend of beneficial pure essential oils

Meticulously selected effective medicinal herbs

Well-researched and combined modern and ancient science